Foreword - Lawyer Jana Mišurová

Mgr. Jana Mišurová
I recall the first lesson of the Roman law class at the faculty. Our professor was asking individual students to stand up and share their reasons that brought them to the choice of their future profession.

To tell the truth, most students did not deny the prevailing public opinion, namely that lawyers want to get rich. I, however, remembered the words of my father:

“Law is general education that should be a part of everyone’s general knowledge.”

Drawing from that principle, deeply rooted in me, I told my colleagues: “I think rights and duties should be known by all of us. As a matter of fact, it is not that way for many objective reasons. That is why I would like to be a facilitator who makes her acquired knowledge and experience available to all who ask for help.”

That “motto” has been guiding me and that is why my clients appreciate not only my professional and quality services but also my very human and empathetic approach which is not for sale or not for purchase.

Interpretation of laws, legal analyses, professional wording are just a plain and cold science unless someone gives it the breath of life. Law in symbiosis with real life is the true mission of serving at the Bar.