TASR, Teraz.sk, 8.10.2013:


Unitary Insurance System Suspended for Now, Health Minister Zvolenska Defers It

      Bratislava, October 8 (TASR) - Health Minister Zuzana Zvolenska admitted that the unitary health insurance initiative is suspended due to financial constraints, Plus Jeden Den daily reports on Tuesday.  
      According to political analysts, the reason could as well be the upcoming presiden tial election, as the public hasn't welcomed the idea of a single insurance company very enthusiastically. 
      "Lack of financial resources in the health sector is an argument which everyone accepts. I personally think that the real reason for stopping the project, is the lack of public interest," says the advocate and Institute for Health Policy advisor for health legislation Jana Martinkova. 
      "Unfortunately, the health ministry realized this only at a time when they had to justify the 'integral condition of expropriation' in the transformation law," said Martinkova.  
      Another reason may also be the lawsuits against Slovakia through which the insurance companies seek compensation for damages which date back to the ban on retaining their profits that was introduced by Robert Fico's first government (2006-10)