Jana Martinková - "Ens Cogitans" / "The Conceiving Essence"

Art summarizes the author’s thoughts characterizing her personal stance to basic themes of life.

  • · Once known as slavery, today the political jargon calls it a reliable partnership.

  • · The biggest threat of the future is that the past and the present will have allowed the biggest criminals to be effective and successful.

  • · Politics represent the most primitive manipulation with people’s subconsciousness.

  • · A conflict can only arise there, where respect and regard are absent.

  • · If we do not believe enough in the possibility of realization of our desires, we will live in a world shaped by the desires of other people.

  • · Love is when our joy reflects in a smile of the beloved person and their sadness in our tears.

  • · He, who helps only to receive appreciation and gratitude, does not give but rather buy what he otherwise would not get.

  • · Politician is a person who comes as a guest, knowing that he will be leaving as a greedy host.

  • · Too frequent talking kills thinking.

  • · People ever so seldom seek the truth, mostly they just look for a way to reassure themselves and the others in what they believe in.

  • · Love is the only emotion whereby also happiness can hurt.

  • · He, who in the name of love lays claims to all of their partner’s time, does not want to love and be loved, but rather control and be worshiped.