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Mistakes in tender also holding back the single health insurer


The process of introduction a single health insurance company to the market is prolonged not only by lack of money, but also by bureaucratic deferments. The Ministry of Healthcare led by Zuzana Zvolenská that was supposed to select an auditor for assessment of the private health insurers until April  has up until now only been correcting mistakes that had been done by the preparation of the tender. These were brought to attention by a letter from the Public Procurement Bureau.

Bureau’s supervision

The tender documents for this job were sent by the Ministry to the Bureau already in June. However, the Bureau said they couldn’t carry out their inspection. “As this is not a tender financed from the funds of the European Union, statutory conditions for an ex ante inspection have not been fulfilled,” the head of the Bureau Zita Táborská explained to HN. As she added, they sent a letter requesting they elaborate the tender documents so that they would be in compliance with the “big” amendment to the Public Procurement Act. The amendment was just being adopted at the time. “For example, it was necessary to quote the wording of three sections in the tender documentation, amend submission of offers, amount of security payment, information regarding revision proceedings under the valid legal regulations etc.,” Záborská utters the mistakes.
According to Zuzana Čižmáriková, the spokeswoman for the Ministry, they are currently implementing the Bureau’s objections. “Public procurement will be commenced after the question of financing of the unitary system has been dealt with,” she added. The department also informs of the revision of the documentation in a report it submits to the government today.

Expropriation in one year? Not real

Under the original timeline, the single state-owned health insurer should be in place as of the New Year’s Day, i.e. in two months. As Zvolenská herself has already stated in an interview for HN, it is clear that they will not be able to meet the deadline for introduction of unitary insurance system in 2014. Prime Minister Robert Fico expects at least details for expropriation to be ready next year. According to attorney Jana Martinková it could be real, if what he meant was only adopted statute, finalized tender and preparation of an offer for purchase of the insurers’ stock. “However, commencement of the expropriation proceeding itself if not real. Just preparation of an expert’s opinion can take months. If furthermore the reason of the delay is non-existence of public interest without which there is no possibility of a legitimate expropriation,  it is hard to asses when the process of unification will be finalized,” lawyer Martinková added.

Mária Hunková

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